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If you need some idea how to spend your holiday, we can help you and give some suggestions or organize your excursions. We speak English, Croatian, Hungarian and Polish. The island offers you all kinds of leisure activities, it can be either a relaxing or active walking tour, sightseeing, cycling, extreme sports or gastronomic pleasures.
from the port

Excursions by boat

If you like boat trips and you are interested in the surrounding islands or towns there are boats leaving from Sutivan and Supetar to Omiš or Trogir.
There is a highspeed line that starts everyday in the morning from Milna - Hvar – Korčula – Mljet - Dubrovnik then comes back on the same route in the evening.
It is also possible to book a fish picnic trip- a boat excursion with lunch (Grilled fish and wine)
Make an excursion

by a 9 seater van

If you arrived on the island without car or you just don’t feel like driving, we can organize a trip around the island. The most popular route is Vidova Gora – the highest peak of Brač island and Bol-Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) beach.
Culinary pleasure

Gastronomic experience

Dalmatian buffet-dinner: Either you like traditional food or gourmet, you will enjoy this dinner! You can taste at least 10-15 kind of Dalmatian dishes in a Mediterranean atmosphere.
Wine tasting: It is interesting that you can not buy local wines in the supermarket, so if you want to taste wines of Brač you should visit wine cellars. The most known grape types are Plavac Mali and Pošip. We can also organize wine tasting with a light dinner.


Are you curious what is sea life like in the Adriatic? Then you should try “intro-diving”! An instructor introduces you shortly all the things you should know about scuba diving and shows you the underwater life in maximum 4-5 m dept.
If you are an experienced diver, you can have the pleasure to visit some interesting underwater wrecks and caves.
In Bol and in Supetar you have a possibility to explore some extreme water sport such as windsurfing, kite surfing, water ski, flyboard, etc.
Walking tour to

Dragon’s Cave

The cave is situated in the town of Murvica, 5 km from Bol. You are able to visit it only with a guide called Zoran who is the only person who has the keys to open the Dragon’s cave. The walking tour is only 3-4 km long but it may feel like 20 km since the terrain is slippery and steep. You should wear appropriate trekking shoes. The hike may be tiring but you will forget about all the difficulties when you see the beautiful landscapes and listen to Zoran’s lively and interesting speech. And the cave itself is breathtaking and mysterious! When you enter, you will see unusual set of reliefs on the walls. They are believed to have been sculpted by an imaginative 15th-century friar, the carvings include angels, animals and a gaping dragon in a blend of Christian and pagan symbols.
Pustinja Blaca

Blaca Hermitage

The walking tour to Blaca Monastery is like a short pilgrimage! In the early part of the 16th century glagolitic monks found shelter here escaping from Turks. It was originally a stone cave. The monks established here a monastery and built a chirch surrounding the cave. They cultivated the area around and they were producing and trading with olive oil, wine, cheese, honey. The building of the library and the astronomical observatory, what we can visit today -was built in the 18th century.
You can only reach the monastery on foot, it takes around 30 mintes to get there and don’t forget to wear comfortable trekking shoes!
The highest peak of Brač island

Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora is on 778 m height, which is not only the highest peak on the island but also the highest point among all Dalmatian islands. You can see and take a picture here about Bol-Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) beach, and Hvar island in the front. In case there is a clear view, you can even see the Italian Gargano mountain! You can reach this peak by car, or even on foot or bike because the terrain is not so steep, you can hike up easily and along the way up, there are lot of trees which give you shadow in hot weather.
Golden Horn

Zlatni Rat

Bol is 40 km from Sutivan, in the south of Brač. The Golden Horn beach, which is a spit of land is the most lively and crowded beach on the island. The exact shape and length of the landform varies with regard to changes in tide, current, and wind, but the shape changes only once in every two or three years This is said to be the most popular and one of the most beautiful beaches in Dalmatia. You can try out some extreme water sports near the beach such as: windsurfing, jet ski, kite, water ski, etc. If you come here by car, you have to pay for the parking.
The oldest town of the island


Bol-Zlat Rat (Škrip is in the north part of the island, which is the first and the oldest settlement of Brač. If you like historical towns you should visit this place and get more knowledge about the island by visiting Brač and the olive oil museum.)


If you prefer sandy beaches, you can visit Lovrečina beach, which is 21 km from Sutivan. This is an ideal place for small children since the sea is very shallo for more than 100 m. You have to pay for the parking place here.
Stone and sculpture paradise


Here you can find the Brač stone museum and sculpture school, where you can get all information about the well-known marble stone of the island. Since the Middle Ages, There have always been here famous sculpture schools. The other uniqueness of the town is that the roofs of most of the houses are made of white stones, so that is why this is the “whitest” settlement in Dalmatia.
Yacht and boat paradise


No wonder that in Venetian times, Milna was called “ the bay of thousand boats”.
If you enjoy watching beautiful yachts and port, you should come here and have a walk along the bay. Till the middle of 20th century, Milna was the main port of Brač, but after the ferry port in Supetar was built, the boat traffic moved there from Milna. But Milna is still the deepest and the safest bay on the island and one of the most beautiful in Dalmatia. You have to see the old town as well, there are fascinating old buildings from Venetian times.

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