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Spend your holiday with your family here!

In 2009, we had a sudden decision to work in tourism and rent apartments . It was like starting a new life, of course we do not regret it! And why are we doing this? We just love Brač island passionately, the healthy sea air, the sound of the sea, the narrow streets, Dalmatian houses and the people of Sutivan. Brač island keeps fascinating us, there is always something new to discover here, we just simply can not get bored with it! Our mission is to make you fall in love with the island. If you come, please remember to pay attention to the beautiful and pure environment, let it stay like this!
Thanks to a huge renovation in 2009, Agava became even more comfortable and family centered. We have apartments in different styles, all is designed and was dreamt by us. We usually make changes in design nearly every year, it is our passion!

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Brac Island, Croatia
Ul. Pjover 3., 21403 Sutivan
+36 30 279 75 56
+36 30 206 17 32
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